20:30 Doors open • 21:00 Opening Ceremony • 02:00 Carriages

We are delighted to invite the guests of the First Vienna Ball in Karlovy Vary to enjoy a unique evening of festive cheer, hours of dancing and captivating entertainment. The Vienna Ball offers a programme of exclusive performances by renowned international artists, top stars of the opera and ballroom dancing.

Soprano Marcela Cerno, who has already performed worldwide at such prestigious stages as the State Opera in Prague and the Volksoper in Vienna, will guide our guests through the evening.

Elegant waltzes, smooth rumbas or light-hearted quicksteps – there will be plenty of dance styles to choose from when symphony and jazz orchestras will play until the early morning hours. And when Austrian choreographer Andrei Chitu will show our guests how to dance the original Viennese Midnight Quadrille, even the less enthusiastic dancers will not be able to sit still!

The outstanding ballroom dance couple Kostyantyn & Nadiia Panchenko, who are reigning Austrian champions, will impress the audience with their unique choreography and dance technique. Many more special performances are to come!

This year's artists

Kostyantyn & Nadiia Panchenko
Austrian Ballroom dance champions 2018

Marcela Cerno
Soprano at the Volksoper Vienna & State Opera of Prague among others

Andrei Chitu
Austrian choreographer

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra
 Currently in its 183rd season, is one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the world